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I. Multiple Choice (20 points, 2 points for each)

Eg. Shippers are requested to note particularly the exceptions and conditions of this bill of lading with the reference to the validity of the insurance upon their goods.

A. 承运人必须特别注意本提单内与货物保险效力有关的免责事项和条件。

B. 承运人必须特别注意本提单内与货物保险效力有关的例外和条件。

C. 托运人必须特别注意本提单内与货物保险效力有关的例外和条件。

D. 托运人必须特别注意本提单内与货物保险效力有关的免责事项和条件。

II. Phrase Translation from English to Chinese(20 points ,1 point for each)

Eg. Unfavorable balance of trade 国际贸易逆差

Floating policy 统保单

Straight B/L 记名提单

III.Translation Improvement from English to Chinese. For each English sentence, there is one or more errors in the translation provided. Please underline the error or errors, and then write the whole of your improved version in the space provided below.(20 points,2 points for each)

Eg.原文:Worry about the possibility of less severe, but still debilitating, recessions persisted, however.



IV.Business letter Translation from English to Chinese.(20 points)


V.Contract translation from English to Chinese.(20 points)


这个是广东外语外贸大学的商务英语翻译自考试题 如果你需要更多的信息 可以向我索要 我可以给你课堂笔记 和考试重点

忘记说了 上面的那些试题都是课本上的句子哦 有白分之50








  1. He was educated at the local grammar school, after ______ he went on to Cambridge.

  A. when B. what

  C. which D. where

  2. There’s no ______ to make an appointment. Just come to my office anytime after 10 in the morning.

  A. time B. need

  C. good D. chance

  3. — Could I have a look at your essay to get a few ideas?


  A. Sure. Why not? B. Yes, that’s right.

  C. Don’t mention it. D. That sounds great.

  4. Even if you fail the first time, you should ______ trying.

  A. hold on B. go on

  C. work out D. carry out

  5. A tall man walked into the bar in a woollen sweater, a jacket ____ at his waist.

  A. to tie B. tie

  C. ties D. tied

  6. My father is a businessman and is often away from home. Sometimes I wish that he ______ making less money.

  A. will be B. has been

  C. were D. is

  7. Technology has indeed had a direct ______ on our life today.

  A. change B. effort

  C. effect D. role

  8. ______ you stop working for a while, you will be tired out.

  A. As B. Unless

  C. If D. When

  9. Biological science should be developed to do good ______ harm to people.

  A. other than B. less than

  C. better than D. rather than

  10.______ it was getting dark, we decided to stop at a hotel for the night.

  A. Since B. If

  C. Though D. That

  11. The two boys look very much alike, but Robert is ______ one.

  A. the tallest B. the taller

  C. tall D. taller

  12. The teacher, as well as three of his students, ______ taken an interest in traditional Chinese painting.

  A. is B. are

  C.has D. have

  13. If I ______ harder at mathematics in school, I would have a much better chance of getting a good job.

  A. worked B. had worked

  C. were to work D. were working

  14. Gone are the days ______ I was young and as strong as a horse.

  A. when B. that

  C. where D. which

  15.I’ve tried to avoid ______ with him, but something in his manner of speaking always annoys me.

  A. quarrel B. to quarrel

  C. quarreling D. quarreled

  16. Only in this way ______ to achieve real success in your new business.

  A. do you hope B. you do hope

  C. you can hope D. can you hope

  17. The street was named ______ George Washington who led the American Revolution.

  A. from B. with

  C. as D. after

  18. Tom took a pile of papers off the desk to make ______ for the new computer.

  A. room B. area

  C. position D. place

  19. Lily has no trouble finding the new railway station because she has a good ______ of direction.

  A. feeling B. idea

  C. knowledge D. sense

  20. My boyfriend won’t go to Mary’s birthday party tonight and ______.

  A. I won’t either B. neither do I

  C. so will I D. I will too


  Passage 1

  It was a cold grey day in late November, and although it was now only a little after two

  o’clock in the afternoon, the dark of a winter evening seemed to have come down over the hills, hiding them in mist(薄雾). The air was cold, and in spite of the tightly closed windows it found its way into the coach. The few passengers sat close together for warmth. Mary Yellan was sitting where the drops of rain came through the crack in the roof. She brushed them away with impatient fingers. Although she was only 40 miles by road from what had been her home for 23 years, she was already beginning to miss it. The courage which was so large a part of her, and had helped her so much during the long unhappiness of her mother’s illness and death, was now shaken by this rain and wind.

  She remembered a letter from her aunt. The writer said that the news had shocked her; that she had had no idea that her sister was ill, because it was many years since she had been in Helford. And she went on: “There have been changes with us that you will not know about. I no longer live in Bodmin, but nearly 12 miles outside it, on the road to Launceston. It’s a wild and lonely spot, and if you were to come to us I should be glad of your company in wintertime. I have asked your uncle, and he does not object, he says, if you don’t talk too much and will give help when it is needed. He cannot give you money or feed you for nothing, as you will understand. He will expect your help in the bar in return for your room and meals. You see, your uncle is the landlord of Jamaica Inn.”

  The letter was a strange message of welcome from the smiling Aunt Patience she remembered. A cold, empty letter, giving no word of comfort, and little information, except that she must not ask for money. Aunt Patience, with her silk skirts and delicate ways, the wife of an innkeeper!

  So it was that Mary Yellan found herself traveling north in the coach. Villages were scattered now, and there were few smiling faces at the doors of the small houses. There were almost no trees. The wind blew and the rain came with the wind.

  21. The purpose of Mary Yellan’s trip is to ______ .

  A. work in her uncle’s inn

  B. spend a winter holiday with her aunt

  C. inform her aunt of her mother’s death

  D. live with her aunt after her mother’s death

  22. The word “shaken” (Line 10, Paragraph 1) is closest in meaning to ______ .

  A. moved B. shocked

  C. weakened D. improved

  23. Mary Yellan’s feeling on the trip can be best described as ______.

  A. hesitant B. heavy

  C. hopeful D. relieved

  24. According to the letter, Mary Yellan was required to ______ .

  A. take care of her aunt B. run the inn for her uncle

  C. pay money for her meals D. talk less and help in the bar

  25. It can be learned from Paragraph 3 that Mary Yellan was ______ .

  A. surprised at her aunt’s businesslike manner

  B. angry about her aunt’s cold letter

  C. lonely without her aunt’s help

  D. happy to see her aunt

  Passage 2

  It’s summer time, meaning a lot of people are eating outside while enjoying the sunshine. But if you don’t properly take care of the grill or the food you’re cooking on it, you could wind up making people sick.

  According to Dr. Elizabeth Hagen, the under secretary for food safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people may neglect the importance of food safety during cookouts, because they’re busy entertaining and do not have the same “sense of food handling” they might have in the kitchen. However, Hagen noted it’s important to be cautious no matter where you cook, because thousands of people are admitted to hospitals every year for food-related illnesses. “Forty-eight million people in the United States get sick every year from food poisoning. Forty-eight million,” Hagen said. “And 128,000 of them end up in the hospital; 30,000 of them will die from food-related illness each year in the United States. That’s why this is worth talking about, raising awareness, and giving people the information they need to reduce the risk.”

  Hagen listed three steps to keeping food safe. The first step is to clean your hands, tools and food surfaces before you cook. Then you should separate raw meat and poultry(禽肉)from foods that won’t be cooked. Besides, you need to use a meat thermometer to cook to the proper temperature.

  “When you’re eating outside the rule is two hours,” Hagen said. “You really can’t leave things sitting out for more than two hours, and if the temperature is above thirty-two degrees, which it often is at fourth of July, you can’t leave things out for more than one hour. So get them back into the cooler, back into the refrigerator as soon as possible.”

  If you get a food-related illness, Hagen said you may start feeling symptoms anywhere from a couple of hours to as long as six weeks after you’ve eaten the unhealthy food.

  26. The phrase “wind up” (Line 3, Paragraph 1) is closest in meaning to ______.

  A. turn up B. end up

  C. clean up D. give up

  27. Which of the following statements is true according to Dr. Hagen?

  A. People pay less attention to food safety during cookouts.

  B. 48 million people suffer from food poisoning during cookouts.

  C. 128,000 people die from food-related illness each year in the US.

  D. People have less sense of food handling when they cook at home.

  28. What is the second step listed by Dr. Hagen to keep food safe?

  A. Clean your hands, tools and food surfaces.

  B. Keep your cooking materials in the refrigerator.

  C. Separate raw meat from foods that won’t be cooked.

  D. Cook to the right temperature by using a meat thermometer.

  29. How long can you leave the food out when the temperature is above 32℃ ?

  A. More than three hours. B. More than two hours.

  C. No more than two hours. D. No more than one hour.

  30. What is the passage mainly about?

  A. Outdoor cooking. B. Food storage.

  C. Outdoor food safety. D. Food-related diseases.






  31. believe 32. sandwich

  33. mechanized 34. June

  35. besides 36. wolf

  37. essential 38. vision

  39. rough 40. crawl

  41. fairy 42. acquire

  43. heavy 44. waitress

  45. journey 46 . persuade

  47. approach 48. couple

  49. realistic 50. whole



because modern to attention

traditional take they who

and than helpful there

  A recent report has come up with some surprising findings. It shows that many people still prefer to do their shopping in __51__ shops. They say they particularly like the personal __52__ they get from local salespeople, who take the trouble to get to know their customers __53__ are always cheerful when they serve them. Many particularly like to buy electric appliances from a local shop __54__ they feel that if the products develop any unpleasant faults, they can __55__ them back to a shopkeeper who they know and who they feel will be __56__ .

  Another reason people give for preferring their local shops __57__ the larger stores is that they distrust the persuasive salespeople __58__ meet in the big stores. So it seems that people are more selective __59__ . we have been led to believe. The report will make comforting reading to all of us __60__ would hate to lose our local shops. It would indeed be depressing if they were to disappear.


  I was once having dinner with him in an expensive restaurant. When the wine-waiter brought the wine, he __61__ a drop into Henry’s glass and waited with a proud __61__ on his face, as if to say “Taste __63__ , you peasant. It’s clear that you know __64__ about wine.” So Henry, instead of tasting it, the __65__ any normal person would do, dipped his thumb and forefinger __66__ the wine. Then he put his hand to his ear and rolled his forefinger and thumb together as __67__ he were listening to the quality of the wine! Then he nodded __68__ the wine-waiter seriously, as if to say “Yes, that’s fine. You may __69__ it.” You should have seen the wine-waiter’s __70__! And how Henry managed to keep a straight face, I’ll never know!


  71. In“The Day I Was Fat”, it was the boy’s abusive but honest words that made the author commit herself to ______.

  72. In“The Mystery of the Silver Box”, The Thinking Machine is actually a ______.

  73. In“Remembering Tracy Bill”, Bill and Cory Marsh decided to do what their son had wished for when he was alive—to ______.

  74. Clearly, the author of “The Trashman” wants people to know that trashmen deserve as much ______ as economists.

  75. In “Little Things Are Big”, the author didn’t have enough courage to offer his help to the white woman in the subway station mainly due to the social reality of ______.

  76. According to “Happiness”, one of the things that long-term happiness is based on is ______.

  77. In “In the Laboratory”, Professor Agassiz says that facts are stupid things until they are ______.

  78. In “Detective on the Trail”, Bob Sugg, the newspaper boy, succeeded in helping the police catch the thief by ______.

  79. In “This Life”, the author Sidney Poitier made up his mind to learn how to read after ______ .

  80. In “The Letter ’A’’’, Christy Brown, whom doctors believed to be mentally defective, created a miracle and learned to ______.





























:百度百科词条The following passage is incomplete with one paragraph missing. Study the passage carefully and write the missing paragraph missing paragraph of about 100 words. Make sure that the tone and vocabulary you use are in unity with the passage provided.II. 撰写大纲Write an outline Read the following passage carefully and compose a “sentence outline” for it. Sometimes the passage is from the textbook.III.文章写作Composition 从考察的内容看,考察的核心是英语的篇章结构,无论是补齐段落还是撰写大纲都不是孤立进行的,补齐的段落要和整篇文章衔接,做到整体如一;撰写的大纲是对篇章结构的直接考察,即考察考生从文章中抽象出结构的能力;文章写作考察整篇文章写作的综合能力。从考试形式上看,既考察学生句子,段落写作能力,也考察篇章写作能力。补齐对话考察段落写作,撰写提纲考察句子写作,文章写作考察篇章写作能力。因此,对《英语写作》的学习要牢牢把握一条红线,那就是要熟悉英语文章的篇章结构。具体的解题技巧我们将在课程讲解后给大家做详细的指导。三、《英语写作》课程讲解写作格式要求 有一句话,大家可能都知道,叫“文如其人”,英文是“The style is the man himself”。从一个人的行文就能看出他的品德,品性。整洁的文风不仅是对读者的尊重,更是对自己的尊重。这从一个侧面说明了写作格式的重要性,它是写作的“面子”,马虎不的。一些考生认为,作文注重内容,不注重形式。这是一种误解,干净整洁的文章使人耳目一新,急于阅读,使人对作者产生一种办事认真,思路清晰的第一印象。相反,杂乱无章,急就章式的文字使人觉得作者思维混乱,不知所云。设想一下在阅卷时间紧迫,任务繁重的情况下,给阅卷人留下良好的第一印象是多么的重要啊! 另外,严格的写作格式要求是英语写作不可分割的一部分,学习英语写作就必须遵守英语写作的规范,否则就不成其为英语写作。总体上讲,英语写作格式要给人留下整洁,清晰的印象。具体写作时,要注意以下几点:1. 页边距2. 题目位置:第一行居中。3. 题目中单词的大小写 每个单词的第一个字母要大写,但是下列除外: 冠词,少于四个字母的介词,并列连词如and, or, but, nor, for, to 等。 题目的第一个单词必须大写。4. 题目中的标点题目可以是问句;论文题目,直接引要加引号;书名要用斜体。5. 段落缩进每段第一行要缩进4-5个字母;练习时,隔行写便于教师批阅。考试时,不必要。标点符号后要空格。写作格式要求主要是一个习惯养成问题,考生在写作时要多加注意,养成习惯。撰写大纲的基本要求撰写大纲是英语写作的重要一步,也是英语写作考试重点考察的内容之一。因此,考生应该给以足够的重视。大纲指的是一篇文章的总体结构。撰写大纲能力的高低反应考生总体把握英语篇章能力的强弱。在《英语写作》考试中,它有两种表现形式:一是根据文章写出其大纲;一是根据题目编写大纲,构思文章。前者是考试直接考察的,既考察大纲的形式也考察其内容。后者是间接考察的,即在文章写作一题中,考生在构思时所用的大纲。它是写好一篇文章的前提和基础。这里我们着重讲解撰写大纲的形式要求,而对如何针对文章撰写大纲的考试技巧和写作过程中的大纲撰写将在后面的章节中加以详细论述。撰写英语大纲要遵循以下基本原则1. 部分若含有分项,则分项不能少于两个。即有“1”必有“2”,有“A”必有“B”,依次类推。处于同一地位的分项要具有同样的重要性,安排要合乎逻辑。分项要用相同的语法结构来表达。2. 不要将话题大纲和句子大纲相混淆。英语大纲有两种形式:话题大纲和句子大纲。顾名思义,话题大纲由名词短语,动名词短语,不定式短语等构成。句子大纲由完整的句子构成。两者泾渭分明,不得混用。3. 话题大纲的第一个字母要大写,短语后不必点句号;句子大纲要遵循英语句子的标点规范。但是在序列号中每一个罗马字母,大写字母,阿拉伯数字或是小写字母后要加句号,加了括号后不再加句号。4. 大纲序列号如下:I.罗马字母A.大写字母1.阿拉伯数字a.小写字母1) 带括号的阿拉伯数字a) 带括号的小写字母5.大纲实例话题大纲:I. Kindness to MumA. Warm languageB. Help with houseworkII. Kindness to childrenA. My own experienceB. His talk to my classmateIII. Kindness to our neighboursA. His help of the Wangs1. Quilts2. Dinner3. ConsolidationB. His help of the Changs1. Renting a car for the troubled2. Borrowing money for them句子大纲I. Father loves mother most kindly.A. He never hurts Mom with harsh wordsB. He tries his best to help Mom with the homework.II. Father reasons with us children when we do things wrong.A. He reasoned with me when I took his favorite record of music out to show off and damaged itB. He reasoned with my classmate Hong when we quarreled.III. Father kept helping our neighbors out of trouble.A. He helped the Wangs when their house caught fire.1. He gave them our new quilts.2. He invited them to eat in our home.3. He comforted them.B. He helped the Changs when their baby was terribly ill.1. He stopped a car and went to the hospital with the baby and mother.2. He borrowed money from friends to cover the hospital expenses.看一下这个网站吧,有你想要的资料的.自考英语专科资料导航 :?boardID=2&ID=862&page=1自考英语本科资料导航:?boardID=2&ID=861&page=1:英语易bbs.yingyuyi.com我也正好在找英语写作方面的资料,觉得这个讲的挺好,给你帖下他那里的第一页。如果你觉得好的话点这个网址看看后面的内容吧。自考《英语写作》开头和结尾万能公式及句型1. 开头万能公式一:名人名言有人问了,“我没有记住名言,怎么办?尤其是英语名言?”,很好办:编!原理:我们看到的东西很多都是创造出来的,包括我们欣赏的文章也是,所以尽管编,但是一定要听起来很有道理呦!而且没准将来我们就是名人呢!对吧?经典句型:A proverb says, “ You are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言)It goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言)更多经典句型:As everyone knows, No one can deny that…2.开头万能公式二:数字统计原理:要想更有说服力,就应该用实际的数字来说明。原则上在议论文当中不应该出现虚假数字的,可是在考试的时候哪管那三七二十一,但编无妨,只要我有东西写就万事大吉了。所以不妨试用下面的句型:According to a recent survey, about 78.9% of the college students wanted to further their study after their graduation.看起来这个数字文邹邹的,其实都是编造出来的,下面随便几个题目我们都可以这样编造:Honesty根据最近的一项统计调查显示,大学生向老师请假的理由当中78%都是假的。Travel by Bike根据最近的一项统计调查显示,85%的人在近距离旅行的时候首选的交通工具是自行车。Youth根据最近的一项统计调查显示,在某个大学,学生的课余时间的70%都是在休闲娱乐。Five-day Work Week Better than Six-day Work?根据最近的一项统计调查显示,98%的人同意每周五天工作日。更多句型:A recent statistics shows that …你只管做 管它对不对 会打多少分 那是老师的问题.你要做的是准备好.然后自信的迎接考试.我也是读英语的.我现在在学法语.因为我喜欢法国.法语刚刚学起来会很难 但到最后很容易.日语相反.还有如果你只想过二外 其他的不管,那学日语.这科有那么难吗?我都没看书就过了。